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How Public Schools Manage Budgets

With budget cuts everywhere, especially in government spending, schools
are looking for ways to cut costs right and left, especially when they
can do so without affecting spending on student-related activities. So,
they scour the books looking for possible ways to tighten their belt so
they can continue to offer the students the robust educational and
extracurricular experience they deserve.

In doing so, a public school system in Indiana was having issues with managing the cost of their phone system. There were a couple of areas where they felt they
could really “cut the fat” in their phone bill if only they could get to
the cause. First, they were having an issue with rank 911 calls being
placed from somewhere within the building and they were unable to
pinpoint from where these calls were coming. Each subsequent time 911
was dialed, and the local authorities came to the school, the school was
being charged a nominal fee. And second, the school was incurring
increases in telephone bill costs and had no explanation for this random
increase in costs.

After installing a call management solution with fraud protection, the school found some fascinating activities. First, they were able to identify the classroom from where the calls were being placed to 911, and they were able to catch the culprit and
provide appropriate punishment. Second, they were able to identify the
source of their increased telephone expenses. One of the teachers had
decided to start an arts and crafts business on the side and was using
the school’s phone system to place calls to vendors, customers,
logistical companies, etc. They were able to eliminate the long distance
phone activity and, thus, reduce their monthly telephony costs

These are just two examples of how call management
solutions with fraud protection can help an organization save money on
their monthly bills. Call management solutions with fraud protection
offer high quality, real time monitoring of activities like the incoming, the outgoing, the international also out of hours calls, together with 24×7 surveillance of a voice network’s status.

The software for fraud protection provides three types of monitoring:

* Call Monitors – display of custom call lists in chronological order
Alarms – triggered by user telephone events, provide instant
notification of the use of telephone communications, which can adversely
affect or affect the operation of voice business systems
* Threshold Alarms – allow enterprises to set warning levels (60% – 90%) which trigger before an actual alarm level is violated

Traditionally, call management solutions are used, for example, to analyze actual call
traffic; Investigating the calls of individual departments at the end
of each month. This means that organizations do not always have the
direct practical control they need to manage their current communication
Control costs and use

* Identify excessive personal phone calls
* Set the expected costs for individual carriers
* Monitoring calls made outside regular business hours
* The monitor switches without calls for a specified period

The opportunities that this school system found to cut costs were unique to
their circumstance but not unique in their existence. Every
organization has opportunities available to cut costs in their telecom
expenditures. It seems like a simple thing, but most organizations have
no idea where they spend their telecom budget or where they could cut
those costs. Call management systems with fraud guard offer that
visibility so that organizations can control their costs rather than
having their values control them.





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How to choose a pre-school

When infants grow to become toddlers, they start to learn from everything they see and hear. They learn to utter words, walk and to develop tastes. These are the days when they need preschool education so that a strong foundation is laid for them. It is a general misconception that a preschool is just an option for those parents who do not have time to devote to their children’s upbringing. However, it has been observed that preschool plays a very crucial role along with parental guidance in the fabrication of a healthy childhood. But some parents feel inundated with doubts when it comes to finding the right preschool for their munchkins. Here are some guidelines on how to choose a preschool for you child?.

See if the preschool incorporates elementary education

Kids have an edge if they are introduced to alphabets and numbers during their preschool education. These are the cognitive areas determining a child’s future growth rate. So, make sure that the school instills these simple fundamentals into your kids. You can go and visit the classrooms and see if they have a well-equipped bookcase or if they have maps or puzzles put up on walls. In addition to that, you can ask them to explain their approach towards teaching.

How do they take to plays?

It would be dull and unproductive if they dwell only on ABCs and 123s because that would leave no space for plays and games. An ideal preschool blends the foundation of literacy with plays. Children get an opportunity to explore the other developmental areas such as behavior and personality. You can look for an art room or a costume section if they have any. There ought to be an open space for kids where they can play in groups and engage in various activities.

Consistencies in the values

The values that they impart in preschool and what you cultivate at your home should be more or less in compliance with each other; because the consistency in the ways you tackle emotional and social issues at home needs to be maintained for a uniform psychological and behavioral growth. The most apparent way to ascertain this is by asking teachers and other staffs there. You may consult other parents if you get a chance, and ask them how the school approaches these soft areas.

Do they inculcate decisive skills?

If at the tender age of 3 or 4, kids are exposed to the idea of choice, they go on to exhibit a balanced life when they grow up. Kids should be allowed to choose from the daily activities, rather than being dictated by the teachers. You can get an idea of this by perusing the school schedule. There ought to be various activities designed, addressing different skills and learning aspects where kids are encouraged to choose from.

Relationship between teachers and kids

This is the most pivotal part of all the other things discussed here, as you will be sending your kids away from home for the first time, and that too for an extended period every day. So, it is imperative that the teachers and mentors should exude positivity and be high on ethical values.

The sole responsibility, obviously, lies with the parents. After all, at the end of the day, kids will be back home where they belong.







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Begin at the beginning

Let’s begin at the beginning (Is that a song lyric or something? Email me if you know!) Preschool will be the first place your child gets to experience education in the classroom setting so it is important to make sure that you are choosing the right school for your child’s needs. ┬áCheck out this video from Parents magazine that talks about some of the things that you want to look for when choosing a preschool.


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