Month: July 2017

How Public Schools Manage Budgets

With budget cuts everywhere, especially in government spending, schools are looking for ways to cut costs right and left, especially when they can do so without affecting spending on student-related activities. So, they scour the books looking for possible ways to tighten their belt so they can continue to offer the students the robust educational […]

How to choose a pre-school

When infants grow to become toddlers, they start to learn from everything they see and hear. They learn to utter words, walk and to develop tastes. These are the days when they need preschool education so that a strong foundation is laid for them. It is a general misconception that a preschool is just an […]

Begin at the beginning

Let’s begin at the beginning (Is that a song lyric or something? Email me if you know!) Preschool will be the first place your child gets to experience education in the classroom setting so it is important to make sure that you are choosing the right school for your child’s needs. ┬áCheck out this video […]